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We are Qway
We love Quality
We value Togetherness

Work should be FUN

For us, it is important to combine career and skills development

with activities outside of work.


For our consultants


We offer a competitive benefits package at Qway that can be tailored to meet the needs and wants of each consultant. Note that social events and gatherings are never mandatory to attend and we pride ourselves in prioritizing our consultants’ work-life balance.

Monthly breakfast at the office with colleagues

Monthly social activity or dinner with colleagues

Christmas Party

We deliver Quality

For our customers

We offer IT specialists with a top level of experience in QA, Development, DBA and Payments. Using extensive career-developing tools we build the professional reputation and professional development for our consultants.

Through this, we can attract the best employees to our clients.


Our QA consultants can help organizations to assess the quality of your products and services. These services include functional and system testing, usability testing, test automation, and other QA activities. We can also provide consultation and guidance on testing strategy, test planning, and best practices. Furthermore, we provide on-site or remote support for organizations throughout the entire testing process.


Payments are expected to work in stores and online but how do you know that the right system and payment methods are adapted for your organization? We have experience in evaluating what’s needed from a technical as well as a business perspective to get a cost efficient and scalable solution suited for your business. We can offer guidance on how to think regarding payment methods depending on channel and country, integrations etc.


Our DBA consultants are skilled in services such as database design, installation, configuration, performance tuning, security, backup and recovery, maintenance, and migration/upgrade to optimize and manage your database system for better performance, security, and availability.


Our development consultants are skilled in frontend services such as creating the user interface, designing the layout, implementing interactivity, optimizing performance, and ensuring accessibility to develop an engaging and user-friendly website or application. We also provide backend services such as building and maintaining the server-side of the website or application, managing databases, developing APIs, integrating third-party services, ensuring scalability, and optimizing performance to create a robust and reliable backend infrastructure.

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