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FAQ with our
CEO Johan Lund


What is Qway?

Qway was founded in 2015 and is a small consulting company in the heart of Stockholm. We are a part of Qgroup, a group of companies around the world that share knowledge and expertise to meet the current and future challenges within IT. We build our company around people and recruit from different backgrounds. We celebrate differences and value spending time together to learn, laugh and develop ourselves both professionally and as individuals. Quality is at the core of everything that we do and we strive to exceed our client’s expectations in the tasks we have been assigned.

Are the consultants involved in deciding and influencing Qway as a company?

Qway is built by the essence of our employees, therefore it is important to us that everyone feels involved and has an impact on our way forward.

How do you build team spirit at Qway?

Our consultants are often out on assignments, so we think it is essential to offer team activities to build the group and

the feeling of togetherness. We have a running activity schedule with meetings, breakfasts, and fun activities which are 100% voluntary to participate in. 

What qualities are good to have as a consultant?

As a consultant, you can be expected to quickly adapt to different situations and challenges. If you like to meet new people, have an open mind, like to be in new contexts, and like challenges, you will love to be a consultant.

Does Qway have a collective agreement?

We do not have a collective agreement.  Benefits such as an occupational pension, vacation days, salary audit, health care allowance, insurances, parental leave, etc. are self-evident to us and are actualized in the individual’s employment contract and via Qway’s internal company policies.


What is the process for applying for assignments?

We offer assignments within several different industries. We value that our consultants are out on assignments where

they enjoy themselves and feel they are developing themselves. Therefore we work closely together to find the right assignment for our consultants and if it doesn´t feel right at the end of a process, we won't force the consultant to accept, instead, we move on to find another assignment. 

Is it the consultant's responsibility to find their assignments?

No. The consultant is not responsible for finding their own assignments but can be involved in the process if desired.

What happens if a consultant is without an assignment for a period?

You are still on full pay. If there is a need and opportunity for education, this is an excellent opportunity. There are also developing tasks to work on internally within Qway.

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