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Tina Lind

Test Manager / Business Analyst

Tinas experience spans over several areas such as payments, e-commerce, POS solutions, organizational development, strategy & change management, banking, retail and government. Her experience in the test and requirement area in combination with her intelligence, creativity, people skills and agile mindset has generated many solutions to seemingly impossible problems.


Tina possesses a unique combination of human, interpersonal, communicative, and professional skills needed for corporations and organizations to deliver effective and sustainable IT-systems today and tomorrow.


She can describe complex solutions, structures, and processes in a simple way so people both understand and feel motivated to become part of problem solving and final solutions. These strong qualities in combination with a large portion of creativity makes her a skilled communicator and workshop leader greatly appreciated by co-workers, partners, adepts, and customers.


Tinas deep understanding of systems, organizations, and complex environments makes her perfect for roles such as coordinator, test manager, business analyst or trusted advisor and she can also take on other tasks and projects if there is a need for both depth as well as a

helicopter view regardless of role.


In summary, she is engaged, attentive, thoughtful and a team player with integrity and drive.

She involves and looks for consensus and brave enough to step up and make difficult decisions when needed. She leads with clarity, inspiration,

direction and takes full responsibility to ensure success in all projects she takes on.

Tina Lind
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