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Marcus Johansson

Test Engineer

Marcus is a highly competent Test Manager who solves complex problems and is a team player who is a tremendous asset to both the team and the customers.


Marcus is very committed to his assignments, which is evident when testing particularly tricky cases. With his accuracy and analytical thinking, he performs a lot of research to make the test programmes work in the best possible way. He always wants the best for the assignment, treats everyone with respect and is a huge asset in the group. Marcus has a strong drive, he never gives up and inspires with his way of working, unpretentiousness and team spirit and has a very high level of ambition.


Marcus is extremely competent in his field and often takes the initiative to make the test environments work in an optimal way. With his structured way of working, he creates high quality results and has a remarkable ability to find solutions even to complicated problems. Marcus is a team player who does his utmost to deliver good results that benefit both the team and the customers. He is a skilled tester and test manager who understands both technology and the people who will use it.

Marcus Johansson
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