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Johan Lund


With his winning mindset, Johan always wants to create value for his customers and through his concern, he builds security and efficient working methods. 

Johan has a drive and dedication, both in customer and consultant contacts and with his winning mindset he always wants to succeed and create good results. 

He is an unpretentious and determined leader who builds both security and efficiency. Johan is a calm, enthusiastic, energetic, and responsive problem solver with the ability to find the right solutions. He always wants to provide optimal service and create win-win situations and there is always a great deal of consideration and patience in his actions.

Johan is very positive, friendly, professional, and empathetic and he gets things done with a high level of ambition - he is most trustworthy and always wants to create value for his customers. His ambition to succeed and develop businesses is always a part of him and he has an excellent ability to increase the turnover for the customers he has worked with.

Johan is loyal, and curious about his own and others' abilities, he builds good relationships and creates tranquillity with efficient working methods.

Johan Lund
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