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Johan Gordér

Change Manager

With his high level of ambition, intelligent analyses, and sustainable solutions, Johan is a talented consultant who inspires through his welcoming approach to his clients.

Johan is dedicated - he wants to solve problems and challenges quickly, and you can always trust him to deliver high quality. Through his loyalty and excellent client approach, he is always there to give support and exceed expectations. He has a high level of ambition, yet is humble, perceptive of his clients’ needs and handles incidents in the best possible way.

Johan is a supremely competent consultant who inspires with his technical curiosity, intelligent analyses and sustainable solutions.

Johan seeks the optimal solutions while making the correct evaluations in critical and challenging situations. With his professional attitude, he is unassuming, straightforward to work with and quickly becomes acquainted with new processes and ways of working. He continually moves his work forward and is as thorough as he is fast, focused and flexible.

Johan has an agile approach, is welcoming in client collaborations and inspires through his focus on solutions and delivering the very best outcome to his clients.

Johan Gordér
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