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Johan Bäfverfeldt

Senior QA Consultant

Johan has several years of experience as a test coordinator, test manager, development manager and IT consultant.

He has conducted feasibility studies and took the responsibility of project manager with good results. Through careful analysis of requirements and its context, he has created test methodology and system tests of major critical applications and transaction systems.

Johan thinks Agile Project Methodology is a good support for development and collaboration in teams. He emphasizes the importance of clear roles and a process that links development & operation and provides feedback to the market and management. Johan emphasizes that the understanding of quality is always determined by its unique context and the end user.


Johan has a broad academic background, characterized by a genuine interest in science and technology. In addition, he has a great interest in people, group dynamics and soft values. 

According to former colleagues, Johan is communicative, responsive, observant, very driven and goal-conscious.

Johan Bäfverfeldt
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