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Johan Agerblad

DBA / Architect

With dedication, creativity, focus, and his structural skills Johan secures cost-efficient solutions taking his projects all the way.

Johan always shows great dedication and responsibility. He works purposefully and initiates his own suggestions and ideas implementing them with very good results. Johan is a motivated and driven db technician, always with his client in focus and he secures cost-efficient solutions.

He has a holistic perspective, and thinks several steps ahead instead of just solving his tasks here and now. Johan takes his projects all the way a delivers with a high-quality standard.

Johan loves his work. He creates solutions, makes them simple and easy to administer, and delivers his knowledge to the users. Johan is driven, radiates joy, and is curious and he inspires every day with his positive attitude. He combines continuous communication and creativity with structure making his projects successful. Johan has the ability to keep calm and focused also in stressful situations. He is direct and straightforward and builds relationships that last.

Johan Agerblad
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