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Per Schögarne

Java Developer

With a focus on solutions, his unique experience and expertise with quick analytical skills, Per fixes what others see as impossible.

Per is dedicated to his work and is keen to ensure that the end product is really good. He is curious with a proactive attitude and his commitment is most evident in problem solving and comprehensive analysis.

Per is thorough with a focus on solutions even when the task seems impossible. He is easy to work with, highly competent and you can always rely on Per to deliver what he promises. He delivers to a very high standard and honestly flags up any problems that arise.

Per is driven, multi-faceted with a good process and system understanding and sees the big picture. He has a high level of ambition, is quick to analyze and wants to make a difference with his effective solutions. Per wants to take pride in what is produced and he contributes greatly with his positive outlook to a good atmosphere in the company, which creates excellent results.

As a developer, his testing experience is unique and he demonstrates that most things are possible when it comes to technical challenges.

Per Schögarne
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