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Joakim Siegers

QA Manager

With thoroughness, humility, and the ambition to do everything for his customers, Joakim inspires others to explore new solutions and often delivers beyond expectations.

Joakim shows a high level of dedication and inspires trust by always delivering what he has promised and often beyond expectations. He is highly attentive to details, focused on the goal, and has an open dialogue about the end result. Joakim takes the initiative to improvements, he takes great responsibility, and inspires clients to think in new ways to achieve the best results. He is curious about what is new and strives for more knowledge, which he is more than happy to share.

Joakim is a skilled consultant in the test area and payment systems, with experience in large and complex projects and he truly wants to do everything for his customers. He is very easy to work with, positive, outgoing, and always loyal to both the assignment and the client. With his humble manner and professional approach, Joakim quickly gets to grips with the client´s needs and business. He likes to be challenged and with his wholehearted ambition, he has the ability to explore new solutions.

Joakim Siegers
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