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Eva Adlerz

Senior SAP Consultant

With her genuine dedication, knowledge and vast business experience Eva walks

the extra mile to deliver and inspires everyone to be at their best.

Eva is highly dedicated to the job; she has a high energy level and is very enthusiastic. With her commitment, she is totally focused on getting the job done recognizing that each piece is vital to the process and is eager to get every detail right. Eva always manages to deliver, no matter what circumstances and she genuinely cares about her job and people around her. She wants everyone to be at their best, and she is always willing to share knowledge for the benefit of the group.

Eva walks the extra mile to deliver on time and regardless of the task she is always 100 percent dedicated. With her positive, warm and unique personality she is honest, humble and generates good energy, she is easy to like and a pleasure to work with. She is very knowledgable with extensive business experience, result oriented and structured. Eva inspires her colleagues to see the full picture and is someone every team would like to have onboard; she will never let you down.

Eva Adlerz
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