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Carolina Edgren

Business Developer

Carolina is a high-performing leader who, with her strong commitment and social skills,

creates a strong corporate culture to deliver the very best.

Carolina is extremely committed to all tasks, most evident when it involves a challenge. She is a high performer and solves her tasks in an exemplary manner and is excellent at problem solving. With her leadership qualities, she is strong in operational tasks, genuinely cares and always goes the extra mile to create the best results.

She is courageous and creative, has a strong drive and works proactively with others, not giving up until she has achieved her goals.

Carolina acts in a highly professional manner, seeking the best solutions and building a strong company culture. With her ability to ask the important questions, she sees the needs and does her utmost to meet or exceed them. She is a social talent who is both caring and prestigious, she has a holistic approach and is a key person you want in a project. You know she delivers with high quality, she inspires by seeing opportunities where others don't see the way forward.

Carolina Edgren
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