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Björn Stålhammar

Test Automation Jedi

Björn is passionate about test automation and is at the forefront of technology, striving for the best results and motivating the team to perform at a high level.

Björn has a strong commitment to his work and is passionate about test automation. With his broad technical knowledge and curiosity, he likes to explore new things to get the best results and be at the forefront.

He both sees and creates the simple from the complex, has answers to most questions, and gives you a sense of security knowing that he has tested. Björn combines his drive for results with his humility, he is extremely competent and never turns down a challenge.

Björn has the rare ability to keep everyone around him relaxed, motivated and performing at a high level.

He doesn´t give up until he finds a solution and has a nothing is impossible mentality when it comes to tasks and automation. Björn is at his best when it counts, going the extra mile to deliver a release or complete a project.

With his deep understanding of test automation and his personality, Björn is a great asset to any team.

Björn Stålhammar
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